Wellness Plan Spring 2023

My wellness plan for Spring 2023.

Isaac Quintanilla Salinas


January 31, 2023

Areas of Improvement

Before designing a wellness plan, I need to assess all areas of my life and see what I can improve. Below is a list of areas that are important to me:

  • Mental

  • Emotional

  • Social

  • Spiritual

  • Physical

  • Environmental

  • Financial

  • Career

While there are many other aspects of my life that I would like to improve on, this is a good starting point for this semester.


Looking at the areas that I want to focus on, I want to create realistic goals. Additionally, each goal can satisfy multiple aspects of my life. I will use SMART goals to ensure SMART goals to make sure I create achievable goals. The period for all the goals is the Spring semester.


I will spend at least 1 hour every day, Monday through Friday, working on research related to my dissertation.

I want to increase my research productivity for my own career goals. Additionally, working on this will help me through my tenure process.


I will learn how to create a new tea-related beverage at home each month.

This goal has the potential to serve three aspects of my life: Physical, Environmental, and Financial. Learning how to create new tea drinks will allow me to save money instead of buying them from different coffee shops. Additionally, I will know what ingredients are used in the drinks. Therefore, I will be able to improve the physical aspect of my life. Lastly, this will help the environmental part of my life by reducing my environmental impact and using less plastic.


I will travel to a new city in Southern CA each month and buy their local newspaper.

One of my main goals is to travel more globally and locally. I especially want to get to know small communities located in Southern California. For that reason, I want to make an effort to explore more of Southern CA. This goal has the potential to affect four aspects of my life: mental, social, spiritual, and physical.


I will go swimming two times a week for 30 minutes.

When I was planning to move to Camarillo, I wanted to start something new for my physical health. Therefore, I decided to start swimming.


I will go to the gym three times a week for 1 hour.

Similar to swimming, I want to develop new habits and exercise more. Developing this habit and going to the gym more will help my physical health.


Since I am struggling to keep my research productivity up, I will try new strategies. To get more research done, I plan to work on research as the very first thing I do when I get into my office. If I complete this task at the beginning of my day, I will get it out of the way and focus on things that are easier for me. The idea is to do the things I struggle with at the very beginning of my day.

Additionally, I plan to use the Forest App to maintain my focus. I will do a 20 minute session of writing1 and then do a 10 minute break. I will repeat this process until I complete an hour of writing.

Right now, I am working on learning how to make a chai latte at home. So far, I have learned how to make oat milk how I like it. Next, I want to make chai concentrate using raw ingredients. I have bought many of the tools and feel ready to start experimenting with making the concentrate.

Other types of teas that I want to learn are hibiscus and Thai.

I first plan to visit Ojai in February. Depending on the weather, I want to visit Twentynine Palms for the super bloom; otherwise, I will visit Carpinteria. Lastly, I want to visit Idyllwild. I want to visit a special event/festival for each location if possible.

Because I set this goal for two 30 minute sessions, I believe I can complete this task. It is easier to spend a quick 30 minute session than a full hour.

Similar to my research goals, I plan to go to the gym in the morning and get them done early so I can focus on other things I am interested in. I plan to go to the gym early every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. This task will be before my writing sessions.


There are two ways that I will try told hold myself accountable. First, I will share my wellness plan with friends and family members. Second, I will create an incentive plan for each goal I complete. I will reassess my goals before spring break (3/17/23) and adjust accordingly. Overall, I want to create consistency with these goals. Any positive gain will be a win. At the end of the semester, I plan to reflect on the process and see what worked and what did not.


  1. writing means any task related to research↩︎